Susan Fox Trotter – A Curvy Cowgirl’s Journey

Susan Fox Trotter Takes Center Stage

There is always a sense of pride when someone you know reaches that place in their life that moves them from their comfort zone to accomplish something different.

Susan is an individual that always did have an exuberance and passion for whatever she did in life. She chose a unique career path working within an agency of the Federal government. Even then she pursued her passion with horses ultimately earning the title of Susan Fox Trotter.

Now retired, Susan spends even more time doing the things she loves. One of those things was writing this book.

That is where I am now with the release of Susan Engle’s new bookSusan Fox Trotter.

Image excerpt from Susan Fox Trotter

From a small town in Iowa to a published author, Susan has made her hometown of Osceola, Iowa proud.

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