The LeapFrog Tablet vs The Vtech Innotab Tablet

How does the LeapFrog Tablet compare to the Vtech Innotab?  This is a question that has come up many times.  In this post I have taken the attributes of both electronic toy and learning systems to see how they measure up side-by-side.

I previously wrote a review of the LeapFrog Tablet that focused just on that one device. But since the comparison question keeps coming up, I decided to do a table of comparisons with this post.

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Summary and Recommendation

While the Vtech tablet and the LeapFrog Tablet have many functions in common, I believe there are some features associated with the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet that justifies the additional $20 expenditure.

While admittedly the camera in the LeapFrog Tablet is lower resolution, it does allow the child to have an electronic toy that somewhat mimics mom or dad’s smart phone. They can get creative with it and commence telling their own story.

From the learning aspect, I believe that having games and applications that can automatically adjust based upon the skill level of the user is a fantastic feature.

I believe the biggest drawback for the LeapPad Tablet from LeapFrog is the fact it has no expandable memory. As a result, you can not directly upload or download music, images or videos created with other devices.

If you intend to use the device as more of a learning tool than a creative tool, you may find you want to save the $20 and go with the Vtech Innotab.

Both devices have received favorable reviews on Amazon. You can see the reviews for the Vtech Tablet here and the reviews for the LeapFrog Tablet here.

In my research, I have found that best price for the Vtech Innotab Tablet and LeapFrog Tablet can usually be found at Amazon. Click on the product name to go directly to the appropriate page on Amazon.

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