Rocking Chair Wisdom – The Dash

The simple, lowly dash. We don’t give it much thought. We use it in the written word to separate phrases or thoughts.

But did you ever stop to think about the dash as it is placed on a gravestone? That dash may be the most meaningful dash we encounter in our lifetime.

The term rocking chair wisdom implies a life of ease spent sitting on the front porch with an iced tea, sitting in a rocking chair with a lifetime of wisdom from worldly experiences but holding them within.  Here we wish to dispute that by affirming that no matter where one is on the age span of life, there is always something more to do or to share.

Time is such a precious commodity in today’s society. We never seem to have enough. We run from one appointment to another, from one task to another, and from one relationship to another.  But what really matters the most is what we have wisely done with the DASH, that time between the year we are born and the year of our death.

As humans, we do not know just how short or how long that dash is.  No matter where we are on that line, we must continue building upon the wisdom acquired to start building our tomorrow, today.  We must live in anticipation of the best of what is next.

Please join with us as we pull together resources to help all of us to continue building our dash.  It is our desire that together we will be able to make the best use of our remaining DASH.

Please take time to enjoy this short movie for some inspiring thoughts about your own DASH.

What will the dash on our gravestone tell the world about how we lived our lives?

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