2.4 GHz Wireless Presenter with an Attitude


Per the Amazon website, this product is currently out of stock and they do not know if the item will be back in stock.

When we first posted this, this particular product was priced at $100,000. That is the reason we included it in our “Fun With Amazon” section.

Read on for our tongue in cheek review.

We all know that in the business world we all need to be at the top of our game when giving those “bring it home” presentations. When it comes to promoting your business you should spare no expense when it comes to essential equipment.

Is there a more essential piece of presentation equipment than the wireless presenter? With this presenter you get:

  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Presenter
  • Plug N Play No Synching Needed
  • Built-in Laser Pointer (a must have)
  • Stowable USB Receiver (fits right inside the device)
  • Ideal for Microsoft Powerpoint & Apple Keynote

What makes this wireless presenter so special?

To earn a $100,000 price tag there must be something special, right? Especially when it is marked up from $69.99.

Looking at the product description we find the following:

  1. Insert the mini USB receiver into your notebook’s USB port and you’re ready go without synching the presenter and the receiver.
    • Nothing really special about the USB Plug N Play.
  2. 2.4 GHz frequency provides an instant and secure connection without interference from other electronic devices up to 30ft.
    • Isn’t this the purpose of wireless – to get you away from the laptop?
  3. The mini USB receiver stows inside the presenter making packing and traveling convenient.
    • Pretty cool feature but is it worth the mark up?
  4. The wireless presenter includes all commands needed to give dynamic presentations such as: next/previous slide, black screen and more.
    • O.K. maybe we are getting somewhere now with dynamic presentations.
  5. The built-in laser point allows you to point at specific information in your presentation enabling the audience to easily see in a dark environment.
    • Maybe this does it. Have you ever tried to watch a Powerpoint presentation in a dark environment? Maybe the laser point will brighten things up?

Now, to us, there doesn’t appear to be anything that really stands out in this wireless presenter to justify the expenditure. Maybe we should take a look at another unit and compare the two?

Our comparison wireless presenter

Alright, here we have a wireless presenter with a description identical to the one above – only this one is white.

If you scan through to the technical details and the product description, you will discover that they are identical. I suspect you could run them through a copy protection program and find they are duplicate content.

So, with the tech details and the product description identical between the two units we can only assume that the justification of a difference of $100,000 for the black one and $69.99 for the white one is a function of the color. Must be a very special paint. I think if it were me I would highlight that feature.

As with other tongue in cheek reviews we include in our “Fun With Amazon” category, we ask that you realize this is not a normal posting for Amazon. Amazon has thousands of listings for items for sale and relies upon the merchant to provide accurate product descriptions. With Amazon Featured merchants, by which the black wireless presenter was offered, the merchant establishes the sales price and informs Amazon.

If you are in the market for a presentation remote for your next big gig, take a look at some of the offerings offered on Amazon here.

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