Adventure Bay – A Unique Experience

It is a perfect day for the residents of Adventure Bay, a tight knit shore-side community.

Adventure Bay - Paw Patrol HQ

Adventure Bay – Everyone’s Dream

The sky overhead is a sparkling blue with no hint of clouds anywhere in sight. The winds are blowing lightly but with just enough force and strength to allow the neighborhood children to take to the beach to fly their many different types of kites.

While some children and adults are flying their kites others are enjoying the day relaxing in the invigorating rays of the sun or playing Frisbee and perhaps a little sand volleyball. Still others are taking the time to play with their dogs by throwing sticks or a Frisbee only to have their lovable pet return them for another go round. The excited barks from the canine crowd affirms the enjoyment of the day.

Off in the distance you can hear the gentle lapping of waves on the clean sandy beaches bordering the community. Some brave souls may even venture out into the coolness of the water.

A perfect day for the perfect community of Adventure Bay

But then the unthinkable happens.

Mayor Goodway’s kite has gotten stuck in a tree with no way to retrieve it. What is one to do? What can she do? It would be too undignified for a mayor of a respected community to climb the tree even if it were possible.

Adventure Bay Mayor Goodway

Adventure Bay Mayor Goodway

Well in the community of Adventure Bay there is always help. A quick phone call and the solution to the crisis at hand is put into place.

Like with any well organized community there must be a support system to serve and protect those that live within the community. The old adage of “call city hall” when a problem arises seems to apply to Adventure Bay. While it is not clear whether or not that call actually goes to city hall there will be someone answering that call and formulating the proper response.

However, do not be surprised when the voice you hear is not that of a 20-year veteran of government service but the voice of a 10-year old boy with a wide variety of assets at his beck and call.

Adventure Bay Ryder

Adventure Bay Ryder

Ryder is a tech savvy individual with an amazing arsenal of equipment available on a moment’s notice. With everything available to him he can move quickly on land, on water, and in the air to resolve any problem on short notice.

When that problem call comes in, after listening to the description of the problem, Ryder will end the call with his signature sign off of “no job is too big and no pup is too small” and immediately send out an electronic signal to his team of pups to report to the lookout tower.

Yes, Ryder’s team consists of eight pups (two female pups and six male pups) that work together to solve the community issues of Adventure Bay. Just like any good community, Adventure Bay has the following support areas for service and protection:

  • Chase is the community’s primary police officer
  • Marshall serves as the community’s fire marshall as well as community medic
  • Zuma is the community’s resource for water and aquatic rescues
  • Rubble is the construction officer and his official truck operates like a bulldozer
  • Skye is Adventure Bay’s eye in the sky and will be involved with aerial resuces when needed
  • Rocky is the ecology and recycling pup using recycled material to make necessary repairs
  • Everest works with the other pups by providing snow removal and mountain rescue services
  • Tracker is the expert for jungle . His keen sense of hearing aids in locating those in need

These eight pups with Ryder as their leader model problem solving skills, teamwork, and the use of the latest technology. In addition, when the mission is complete you will often find them involved in some kind of downtime play.

“Whenever you are in trouble, just yelp for help.”

Adventure Bay - When in trouble, Yelp For Help

Adventure Bay – When in trouble, Yelp For Help