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Acme Sledgehammer on Amazon

This item is no longer available from Amazon

Today’s winner of the Fun With Amazon Award goes to this Acme Sledge hammer pictured above. This was the image displayed by Amazon when it was available.

You can certainly see for yourself the value of such a unique piece of outdoor equipment. With a shipping weight of 5,000 pounds there is no reason for you to waste your money on the local gym membership.

The price of $2,500.99 plus shipping of $2,504.49 (Sorry, no free shipping on this product) makes it a worthwhile purchase.

Do not forget to click on the before and after pictures next to the product name (UPDATE: Images are no longer available.) You will see that this product will certainly pay for itself with the contractor’s fees you will save by doing the job yourself.

Growing up on a farm in Iowa, I saw many things repaired using what was commonly called a “farmer’s fix.” If it could not be repaired with baling wire, a pair of pliers, duct tape or a good hammer, then it probably could not be fixed. Sure wished we had this Sledgehammer back then. It surely would have fixed anything.

While you are on Amazon’s site, why not take a look around for something else you might find useful. Amazon has a large product selection.

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