About Rocking Chair Wisdom

Rocking Chair Wisdom was originally established to bring information and resources to the retiring Baby Boomer generation.  But as we began to develop that position, we discovered that this generation has acquired much wisdom that can be put to use in helping create a better tomorrow.

There really isn’t anything earth shattering about the idea of  “Beginning Tomorrow Today“.  It is a very simplistic statement, much like “today is the first day of the rest of your life”.  However, we believe that just because an individual reaches a certain age, they should not just turn off their life.

At Rocking Chair Wisdom, we believe learning never stops.  We are striving to better ourselves through additional education, training, research, and communication.  It is our goal to bring to the forefront opportunities for new endeavors, a greater understanding of what is available for those that have had to face major changes in their lives, and an introduction to new ideas and technologies to keep stretching our limits.

Please join with us as we share our journey to discover “the best of what is next“.


Rocking Chair Wisdom